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Job search can be both exciting and nerve-racking, but we help people navigate the process every day. When you’re ready to make a job change, there are plenty of good reasons to work with a recruiter who specializes in your industry. As you decide who to partner with and why, consider some of the ways H. L. Professional Search can help you make the transition.

Working with a H. L. Professional Search means you have an experienced ally to advise you in your search. I know we are not your entire job search strategy (and we shouldn’t be), but the more we know about your goals and expertise, the better we can guide you in managing your career and maybe even help you land your dream job.

  • Confidentiality: Working with a recruiter is much more secure than trusting your resume to job boards. Because they sell paid access to their resume database, job boards can provide your credentials, professional history, and salary information to a range of subscribers. If that makes you uncomfortable, a recruiter can help you be more strategic and selective about your search.
  • Resume review: We like to start by going over your resume with you. Listening to your story from a hiring manager’s perspective, we pay attention to what you’ve included and what may be missing. We often advise candidates on how to better organize content, polish format, and provide relevant details that spark interest – and interviews.
  • Insight into the job market: Working daily with candidates, companies, hiring managers and HR departments. We’ve been placing professionals just like you for over 25 years and we are very knowledgeable about the job market including upcoming positions, confidential searches, and job openings that have not been published. When the right job for you comes along, very likely we will know about it.
  • Interview preparation: We can give you an inside track on the hiring manager and team culture before you interview. We help answer your questions about the company and advise you on how to prepare for the interview to make the most of your meeting.
  • Salary negotiation: We know what people earn in this industry and in this market. We often mediate the salary negotiations, helping company and candidate arrive at a fair offer that makes sense for both parties.

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